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A three-dimensional effect makes the Venus appear particularly vividly.

There is no doubt that this innovative lenticular image stamp is a further milestone in contemporary stamp design.

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The house also has a gabled roof measuring 26.8m instead of the permitted 15m.

Retrospective planning permission is only possible if a development plan allows it, but since 2008 such a plan no longer exists in the municipality.

We believe our neighbour instigated this after we had a row with her about our hedge,” Mr Kreilinger told local newspaper the Kronen Zeitung.

“They cut the hedge once, and then stopped,” he added.

The brunette waits patiently as he tries to undo the clasp, taking an achingly long time before finally taking it off.

But after all that effort, Matthew didn't have much to say about Lily's breasts, just leaving it at: "They're fine".

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