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I expected him to be intimidating as the retired hellraiser, or overserious and actorly. To the rest of the world, it might look like he’s been going through the motions for the past decade, with supporting roles in ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Batman’. He’s making a leading-man return in the upcoming adaptation of John le Carré’s Cold War thriller, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’, as mole-finder George Smiley.

I get quite emotional talking about it…’ His voice trails off.

1 at the US box office, his overall figures boosted by his appearances in the Harry Potter films and Chris Nolan’s series.

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But I’ve had a few goes at it now, so I’ve probably learned something from the first three,” he said.

When filmmakers bid to add substance to genre movies via the sprinkling of noteworthy names, they often turn to Samuel L Jackson. Director José Padilha, the man helming the new It looks a smart move.

They are a popular pair and, in box office terms, they are unimpeachable, vying neck and neck for the position of highest-grossing film star of all time. “I wish I had a cut of those figures,” he smiles when we sit down in a Beverly Hills hotel suite to talk about his role in Padilha’s rendition of the iconic 1987 Paul Verhoeven film.

“It’s fun to think about, but it is all by accident. He overtook me for a while, but to overtake us two you’d have to have a career where you took in a franchise or two.” Oldman has featured in no fewer than 13 movies that have opened No.

“Studios now, they have a model,” he says, “and their model is a certain amount of money, and then you can’t shoot anything here, because it’s too expensive, so you have to travel to South Africa or Canada or New Orleans, where there’s a little tax subsidy. You need someone who will actually be a risk taker. “We’d probably need Leonardo Di Caprio, someone of that stature,” he says.

“They want it a certain budget so they go into profit before the movie is even shot. Being the highest grossing box office star of all time has its moments, it seems, but it’s no guarantee to getting your movie made.

Wasn’t Oldman a little miffed when the script landed on his mat? If nothing else, he must have thought: Not yet, I’m too young. ‘It is a great gift for Smiley to come along, but I had to think about it,’ he says. There’s more than one interpretation of a classical play. Why should Alec Guinness be the only one to say those great lines? ’ Incidentally, he does a very good, fond impression of Guinness: ‘Bruee beaarrr…

Alec Guinness – who, with his wise-owl performance in the BBC’s 1979 series, made Smiley his own (‘burned on our consciousness’, says Oldman) – was in his mid-sixties. ‘I tell you, initially, I did think that.’ He pauses. it’s that Eeyore way he’s got.’ There has been a fair amount of umbrage-taking and discontented murmurs about the film, as if it’s somehow defiling the memory of Alec Guinness, or dumbing down five-and-a-half-hours of top-drawer TV into a two-and-a-bit-hours film. The film is terrific precisely because it’s not trying to be a remake of anything: not the TV show, not even the book.

I just want the one.” Now his sons are teenagers, Oldman is introducing them to his favourite movies. He now has a film that he wants to direct as his follow-up to There are already a number of stars attached to the script, including Ralph Fiennes, Amanda Seyfried, Benedict Cumberbatch and himself.

Oldman is still struggling to get the film fully financed, however.

The couple had two sons – Gulliver and Charlie – of whom Oldman was later granted sole custody.

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