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You can talk about the development of the baby in the womb and how they grow from a tiny egg to have arms, hands, fingers etc. Not providing some kind of answer for a child can result in them using their imagination to fill in the gaps, so it is better if you avoid that!

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Make sure you can talk to your child about how a girl’s menstrual cycle works, the fallopian tubes, the womb, ovulation and so forth.

Ensure that you also inform your child about boys and what an erection is, why it occurs, the penis, testicles, sperm, semen, wet dreams and ejaculation.

It is important however, that you tell you son or daughter that they can them come to you to chat about any aspect of the information that they want you to chat about or help them to understand.

If your child doesn’t approach you with questions, set aside time to chat to them about the book and invite questions if they have them.

Tapping on the message will allow you to jump you straight back to that place in a chat, while you can also star a message when you no longer want to see it.

You could also save a selection of your friends’ wittiest and most hilarious messages using this tool.Martina also offers private coaching and is a fully trained Family Mediator.Text at work while pretending to catch up on emails or edit an important spreadsheet.There are so many more parts of growing up beyond puberty and sexual development.You should also talk to them about how they may change in terms of their interests, feelings towards the opposite sex, falling in love and dealing with feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness.The first question that parents often ask is ‘what age should my child be when I broach the subject of sex? Also, they may ask questions when they are younger – possibly at the age of five or six.

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