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Ha az oldal minden funkcióját ki szeretnéd használni, engedélyezd a Flash tartalom megjelenítését böngésződben.Kérjük nyomd meg a „kapcsoló” gombot, hogy bekapcsold a Flash használatát böngésződben.

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I could just look at your face, well that’s probably not what most people look at. Audrey: It’s from the movie Vampiress, and it’s something that I don’t usually get to do. But if you give me the opportunity to do you I’ll be all over it. AF: So you got to fuck Gina Lynn and Amber Rayne up the ass.

AF: I’m looking at a picture of you right now in the bathtub, and just your face, your face is gorgeous.

So they would leave with a plethora of soaps and lotions and everything else. ” AF: Okay, so the question is did you give them the right phone number? That didn’t make me think, oh I wanna be one of them. (Laughs) I don’t know how it came up but me and my girlfriend were talking and I said, yeah I would do it.

I was eighteen at that time, and I know that once you do it there is no turning back. So I gave it two years, and the idea came up again, and I thought if I would have done it when the idea first came up I would have had no regrets so I had pictures taken and we sent them to LA Direct and Derek called me.

It’s hard to translate her sarcasm, tone and comic timing on the written page and for that I apologize, because she is truly the funniest porn star I have ever interviewed. I was one of the annoying people who stop you in the mall and say, “Got a minute?

The best thing I found out about Audrey, is that she can make you laugh so hard you cry, or pee, or both. I was one of the girls, except I wouldn’t approach anyone to try the lotion.

Felhasználóinknak a chat Flash verzióját ajánljuk (mely jelenleg használatban van).

Csak a prémium tagok láthatják más felhasználók webkameráit.

I mean a girl has had her tongue there and I didn’t hate it but I didn’t ask for that and I don’t want it again.

He is extremely amusing and I enjoy being intimate with him. AF: Wouldn’t that be fun to put a strap-on on and do that? I’d be like this is for you because you think it’s okay to do every other girl this way.

Sin embargo, ten en cuenta que la versión HTML-5 del sitio ha limitado las funciones significativamente (calidad de video no óptima posibilidad de retraso en la transmisión).

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