Not updating sent mail ipad ios 7

After the i OS 9.0 or i OS 10.3.1 update, some people couldn’t send or receive Emails.

To fix this problem, you’ll have to get the correct Emails setting or download an Email App from the App store.

While the Mail app didn't get as much love from Apple in the i OS 11 update as Maps, Photos, Safari, Siri, Camera, Messages, Notes, and the App Store did, there are still a few new features you need to know about when emailing on your i Phone.

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The optional username and password may be required here if SSL is turned on.

Sometimes, you might have Fetch New Data turn off after updating to the latest i OS 10.3.1.

From there, hit the right arrow until you see "Insert Drawing" and tap on that.

The drawing window will open where you can doodle away using different pen styles and colors.

Still, it would be nice if Apple added a cropping feature in the drawing screen so you can avoid all that unnecessary white space for tiny doodles.

This could be a good or bad thing, depending on your view.Mail, Contacts, Calendars and under Accounts, tap the account from which you’re trying to send email: 2) Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and tap the box that says SMTP: 3) Turn on all other SMTP Servers.E-mail setting is designed to sync for multiple tablets, computers and phones.Now, Apple thinks it's better if the "Accounts" option has its own spot in the Settings app, plus they added "Passwords" to it.The logic is there, but it doesn't make it any less confusing.When ready, hit "Done" then "Insert Drawing" to add it to your email, then continue typing away.

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