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“But switching to a new doctor and transferring your medical records can be a daunting task – 40 percent of people say it's a hassle to switch doctors.” After completing the survey and choosing a new doctor, Highmark said it helps schedule an appointment and transfer medical records.

“Technology such as the internet and mobile apps can help us to be more social and make it easier to meet people, even doctors.” De Shazer told the Tribune-Review on Wednesday that Highmark and AHN believe compatibility between patient and doctor builds trust and a longstanding relationship.

He said Highmark created a proprietary algorithm for the tool, believed to the first of its kind.

Or, The doctor should respect my time and get right to the point.” “We are social beings,” said Dr.

Charles De Shazer, chief medical officer for Highmark.

On Wednesday, Highmark unveiled “Doctor Match,” an online survey that measures a person's health care philosophy and needs.

The goal is to link a patient to a prospective doctor.Patients looking for a new primary care physician or ob/gyn can use Doctor Match to link up with one of more than 700 participating doctors within 10 miles of their home.Consumers who visit Dr Match will be able to fill out a 10-minute survey that measures things ranging from a person's preference for alternative medicine to their taste for a doctor who's friendly and talkative.It only takes a woman a few seconds to get an impression of you and decide if you’re “just another average guy”. It’s why most guys get terrible results — they all seem exactly the same, less than average and B-O-R-I-N-G. I got brass knuckles and I’ll beat it into ya if I gotta. Wanna learn how to properly present yourself online & start getting dates this week? Step #1 is to complete the free profile analyzer quiz or Not messing around? Keep reading and pretty soon they’ll be calling you Clint Date Wood or perhaps even John Wayne Yer Done Admiring My New Girlfriend. And not just any date, cowboy – we’re talking your type – the type you actually get excited about – and she gets super excited about you – we’re talking girlfriend/wife material. I put in Ph D level work into figuring this thing out. You want everything matching, looking good and working together. To go from not being able to get a date, to having to attempting 150 dates in 1 year and connecting with my amazing girlfriend is…well, it’s a big difference!

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