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I must assume that such information is reliable and the writers did not set out to deceive.

(This assumption must be made about any historical document before it is examined.) Therefore if I find apparent contradictory evidence in the text, I will first assume that a problem exists in my understanding rather than the text.

Now, while there are many documents and folk histories concerning Noah’s Flood, the most detailed description occurs in the Biblical text.

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An archaeologist regularly delves, digs and looks into the past.

A graduate degree is the minimum education to become an archaeologist, but related careers exist with an undergraduate degree.

Firstly, I will take a brief look at the assumptions or starting points which I will use.

I must assume or believe to be true that the information about dates does exist in the Bible (otherwise I would not start to look).

She feels extremely proud of the “boys” and fortunate to work with such a talented pair.

Archaeologists have found the remains of bed bugs dating back 11,000 years — the oldest ever — in an Oregon cave thought to be among the earliest known sites of human habitation in the West.

Thirdly, I assume that since the Bible is God’s revealed word to man, it is accurate and therefore will not conflict with true historical information derived from outside the Biblical text.

Lastly, I assume that the best way of using information from one part of the Bible is to use it the way the Biblical writers used it or referred to it in other parts of the Bible. Since we exist in the present, we are really trying to find information that will enable us to add up the years between us and Noah’s Flood.

As our starting point we will take the Birth of Christ.

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