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My project aims to bring out the tensions that arise in Vergil’s poetry between the local Italian and Roman civic perspectives and the subsequent struggle local Italian populations must have undergone to make sense of these identities.

In particular, I argue that Vergil, in his treatment of issues such as nationhood, foreignness, duality, and competition in the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid, privileges the Italian over the Roman, allowing the local point of view to emerge as a primary voice in his poetry.

Peter’s Sq., a massive spectacle surrounded the armature and celebration of its assumed final positioning.

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Not only is Rome an ideal incubator for mining these pockets of knowledge, but also the social and cross-disciplinary conversations that emerge through the residency are an ideal scenario for such a research method.

What kinds of architectures emerge when the ghosts of Rome manifest today?

Network theory is critical to my approach, as it eschews center-periphery models and instead provides a flexible and data-driven framework for charting cultural exchange across multiple network scales.

When a red granite obelisk was transported from Egypt and erected in St.

Late Roman houses have been the object of numerous studies, but these have largely overlooked relationships between urban houses, their interaction with public spaces, and changes in those relationships over time.

This project explores how the rise of Christianity affected urban neighborhoods and intersected with other developments related to class and elite power in this critical period.

My objective with this new work is to return to the origins of the suburban house on the Italian peninsula and to build a new history moving forward.

The investigation will begin with a study of various key moments in the history of domestic architecture both within Rome and across the Agro Romano.

When Lucan set out to write an epic account of the civil war between Pompey and Caesar, he had a number of textual predecessors to draw on, including Caesar’s own account of that very war.

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