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The film is set in New York City's Central Park and Upper East Side.

When he begins to exit the train, the others on-board berate him for not caring after the drunken girl.

Helpless to object, the dutiful young man scoops her up over his back and carries her a couple of miles to a hotel room.

Their subsequent encounters reveal The Girl’s complexities as she veers wildly between being an obnoxious, ferocious instigator and a wounded, lonely woman desperate for human contact.

In the end, a deft bit of storytelling reveals why she is so jaded as well as why she is hopelessly drawn to Kyun-woo.

In adapting the movie for American release, great care was taken to find a woman who could portray a crazy, bossy woman whom audiences would still adore.

Upon the release of 2004's The Girl Next Door, the choice became clear.Loosely based on an early Internet serial by Kim Ho-sik, the My Sassy Girl story is truly a phenomenon unto itself.Its author was one of the first online scribes to appreciate the power of the medium, and he capitalized on this by recounting the quirks of his relationship with his college girlfriend.When the opportunity finally arises to ditch this wild child, Kyun-woo finds himself unable to leave her side.Already, she has wrapped him around her little finger.BOP tries to maintain neutrality in discussing future movies, but there are some projects that excite us so much we don't even bother acting impartial. It is a re-make of the 2001 Korean insta-classic, My Sassy Girl, the only Korean title to date that has hit the number one spot in Hong Kong box office.

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