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This may be someone who is anti penis, or someone who is so into your penis on shrooms.

Some polyamory indicating rings may be more subtle than others.

Wearing three rings or a three ring set on the left ring finger may be an up and coming indicator of polyamory/polyfidelity.

Many though, stick with the black ring theme, but wear a black bridal set on the right ring finger, and also maybe their normal one on their left ring finger.

…but wait, there is one more meaning in there that is a few decades old, but still very relevant.

Four hundred and ten adolescents aged 12–18 years completed a set of self-reported measures tapping social anxiety trait, cognitive appraisals, perception of CMC attributes, and pattern of CMC social responses.

Structural equation modeling lent support to the mediating role of the cognitive appraisal factors.

As of 2016, a black ring on the right middle finger means that someone is asexual or extreme celibate, or at least not open to sexual approaches at the moment.

This makes sense, as the middle finger is the “diddle” finger for most people, and wearing a ring on it could mean they are not using and therefore free to ornament that part of themselves, or so in love with their middle finger that they are monogamous to it.

They may or may not be open to new additional relationships, but the conversation is going to be very interesting.

There doesn’t seem to be any agreement on the exact shape except that many like the heart with the infinity symbol running through it.

The victorian era saw a lot of mourning jewelry, partly because people were dying young in droves, and partly because this comfort with death became fashionable.

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