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The median number of relationships that Harvard seniors reported? With the exception of the lucky few who are currently in relationships, the majority of the student body is single at any given time—meaning that there’s no shortage of legitimate dating woes on campus. There are reasons why Harvard students aren’t dating, a number of which I list below. Throwing Harvard into the equation just makes everything worse.

Gender roles have come a long way, but anachronistic perceptions about inequality of the sexes still exist, especially when it comes to sexual attraction within coed circles of superaccomplished 18- to 22-year-olds.

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Between studying for classes; applying for internships; running to and from clubs; attending social events; and fitting in calories, exercise, and some semblance of sleep, meaningful relationships have become deprioritized in favor of other things.

According to Ali Binazir, a Harvard alum and the author of the Tao of Dating, “The writing of [my dating self-help books] was precipitated by the endemic dating woes on the Harvard campus as I observed them as an advisor and, earlier, indulged in them as a student.” As Binazir observes, “dating [at Harvard] is at best another extracurricular, #6 or #7 down the list, somewhere between Model UN and intramural badminton.” A banging CV is great, but it often comes at the expense of a love life.

A study showed that, given two identical pictures of the same girl—one with “Harvard” written on her shirt, one without—men will rate the plain-shirted girl as more attractive online.

When the demographics are reversed, however, women will rate the guy wearing a Harvard-emblazoned shirt as more attractive than the one without.

There’s a stereotype that people here are either single or married (i.e., in very serious long-term relationships), but nobody really dates.

One-fifth of graduating Harvard seniors have never been in a relationship during college.

According to another study, men prefer smart women in theory, but not in real life.

A team of researchers asked male undergraduate students to take an intelligence test before meeting up with female participants who either performed better or worse than they did on the test.

Part of the reason why people aren’t dating is because people aren’t dating.

Instead, the proliferation of hookup culture on college campuses is displacing a would-be culture of dating. According to the Harvard Crimson’s 2015 senior class survey, nearly a quarter of graduating seniors are virgins.

Anecdotally, Harvard women are also less impressed by Harvard men.

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