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Aired 1-2a ET • Trump Holds News Conference as Ex-Aide Pleads Guilty.

Aired 2- p ET • Trump & Turnbull Press Briefing; Trump Talks Guns & Kushner's Security Clearance; Rick Gates Pleads Guilty in Mueller Probe.

in India This Week; Venezuelan Oil Economy on Its Knees; New Details About Missed Signals from Shooter's Past; Jamaica Women's Bobsled Set to Go Despite Drama; Frmr. Aired 1-2a ET • Anti-Gun Students Head to Tallahassee to Meet Lawmakers; Woman Destroys Own Gun After Parkland School Shooting; Donald Jr's Trip to India Raises Ethical Questions; Family Says Planned to Put Shooting Suspect in Counseling.

Aired -3p ET • First White House Press Briefing Since Florida Shootings; Sanders Explains Why Trump Won't Condemn Russia For Meddling; Trump Announces Support for Bump Stock Ban.

Aired 8-9p ET • Delta Airlines and Other Companies Severe Ties with NRA; 911 Calls Involving Florida School Shooter Released; President Trump Suggests Arming Teachers as Measure to Stop School Shootings; Former Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates Cooperates with Special Counsel; Jared Kushner's White House Security Clearance Continues on Interim Basis; U. Aired 12-1a ET • Working Around Kushner's Clearance Issues; Trump on Arming Teachers; Trump Vows to Strengthen Background Checks; Trump Jr's in India; Ivanka Trump in South Korea.

Aired -10a • Trump Doubles Down on Guns in Classrooms; Former Trump Aide Pleads Guilty in Russia Probe.

Aired -3p ET • Trump Suggests Highly Trained Armed Teachers as Deterrent; Marco Rubio Breaks with NRA on Some Gun Control Measures; NRA Chief Speaks for the First Time Since School Shooting; Interview with Stoneman Douglas Teacher Melissa Falkowski; Trump Says He'll Push Stronger Background Checks, Raising the Age to Buy Rifles and Ending Bump Stock Sales; Trump: If Trained Teachers Were Armed, "Attacks Would End"; Rubio Breaks With NRA On Some Gun Control Measure.

Aired 9-a ET • NRA Chief Wayne La Pierre Calls for Hardening of Schools; Interview with Stoneman Douglas Student Carly Novell; Aired -11a ET • Florida School Massacre; Judge Rejects Manafort's Latest Bail Offer.

Aired -4pm ET • Trump Acknowledges Russian Meddling, Blames Obama; Florida Teenagers Demand Changes to Gun Laws; Russian Troll Network Dives into U. Gun Debate; Violence Escalates in Two Regions of Syria; Schoolgirls in Nigeria Flee Suspected Boko Haram Attack.

Aired 12-1a ET • Shooting Survivors Take Gun Control Fight To State Capitol; Evangelist Billy Graham Dies at 99.

S.-South Korea to Resume Drills after Winter Olympics; Florida School Shooting; Trump versus Oprah.

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