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Our readers have reported success using the following approaches: 1) Reset sync history (instructions here) 2) Turn off Auto-lock on the i Phone prior to attempting an update.

There is no indication why auto-lock being on would affect the update process, however.

Therefore, in this guide, we will focus on how to fix i Tunes error 14 when installing i OS 10.3.3 or even i OS 11 so that you can have a smooth upgrade.

Many users have received "The i Phone/i Pad could not be restored. It happens when you are trying to update your device to i OS 11 or i OS 10.3.3 as well as restoring from the backup.

Many users have reported an unknown error message (1602) when attempting to update their i Phones to firmware versions 1.1.3 or 1.1.4.

Though there are many documented approaches to solving this problem, none seems to work for everyone.

Go to Apple’s Developer’s website to download and install the latest Xcode 8 on Mac computer.

Apple says: You must have the latest version of Xcode 8 installed on your Mac before using a Restore image to install i OS or tv OS beta software on a device.This is one simple way to fix i Tunes error 14 problem. You can always try to restart your device when you meet any problem.First backup your device and then perform a clean restore of i OS 10.i Tunes error 14 may happens when you have a USB connection issue.Try a different USB port on your computer or use a different USB cable.3) Ignore prompts to update the i Phone when it is docked/plugged in.

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