Ideas for a one year dating anniversary

You can see and order Mexican paper mache fruit at La Mariposa Imports.Marble fruit from Italy is also nice and can be ordered from John Derian Company.The fourth anniversary is not one you want to miss; it is a great opportunity to tell your partner how much you continue to care for them.

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Linen and silk are two of the finest fabrics made and offer many creative and thoughtful fourth anniversary gift opportunities.

A silk scarf, shawl, blouse or dress for her is a sure bet to please. There are also silk knits that are used to make interesting sweaters, hats and scarves if you want a unique silk gift.

You can buy silk flowers by the stem and pick her favorite flowers to make your own custom flower arrangement or buy an exquisite ready-made arrangement at Silk Plants

A white linen jacket for your special someone is the perfect gift for those who live or visit the tropics.

The Chinese even believe that sleeping on silk is beneficial to your skin.

A gift of silk pillow cases will allow you to enjoy the feel of silk every night.

That basket is the very best kind of gift; one you put together personally – selecting each item in the basket yourself.

What a better way to say how much you love someone than personally putting their gift together.

Check on Silk uk for silk pillow cases and a description of the benefits the Chinese believe you derive from sleeping on silk.

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