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Android-based devices do not appear on this list because of the heavy use of proprietary components, particularly drivers and applications.

Cyanogenmod) and the freedom-respecting Replicant that can be installed on a large number of phones after-market.

Sailfish OS is a proprietary user interface atop the Mer software distribution.

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Once this is done the malware will start making purchases and money transfers from your account.

The hacking software can be downloaded for free throw third party apps.

The Red Alert let’s hackers in remote locations to steal your log in credentials.

This is done by the software creating a fake log in page, which requests you to re-authenticate your details.Metasploit is free and very popular tool for cyber security with which you can detect vulnerabilities and security cracks in the platforms.This set of tools is used by a few hundred thousand users and online you can find many good advices and insights about how you can locate different weaknesses and security problems within computer systems.There is an open-source baseband project, Osmocom BB.There is a project based on illicit leaked source code for the Calypso modem called Free Calypso.Many people are interested in hacking, but only few of them are actually doing it.

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