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Charlotte Mc Kinney has resurrected Barbarella in a stunning new photoshoot.

The 24-year-old model looks out of this world in a series of skimpy outfits inspired the 1968 sci-fi movie starring Jane Fonda.

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What the world needs now, more than anything, is Iggy Azalea fake ass in a thong doing a booty pop….

You know because it’s the single most important thing going on in the world, fuck the Olympics, School Shooting, Gun Laws, people going broke, scamming….it’s about some obscure, non-famous, who has no official hit songs, scammer…and her scamming ass…screaming for attention trying to make it all about her…

I don’t understand why the WILLIS sisters are these hipsters from Idaho, in touch with the mountains and looking like they live in a van in a sex commune, while also looking like annoying entitled Hollywood rich kids, who have plastic surgery, or face injections, despite advocating their BUSH or NUDITY as their right as an empowered woman…

I guess Demi Moore’s genetics are just that jacked up, that even the most entitled rich kid committed to pretending to have depth, like an artist, will throw it all aside to fix all that I don’t know what these nude pics are but they are….

She’s trash and plays that up…and this is nothing to jerk off to…but I feel compelled to post it and have no idea why…seriously no one cares about Iggy Azalea, even when she tries so hard to make them care, she’s just a bottom of the barrel bottom feeding piece of shit who probably doesn’t realize when she does shit thanks to nerve damage from all the ass injections to get black people to like her and take her seriously..

Alessandra Ambrosio must still be a hit in terms of Victoria’s Secret website analytics, because they keep her around despite being 40…and a mom….

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In another photo Mc Kinney donned a space helmet and a chain dress with white underwear underneath.

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