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The global user object contains some basic data from Drupal core.

It does not automatically include data from other modules, including the core profile module.

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But if someone changes their Facebook email address, they will continue to have the same Facebook provider id, and thus the stable_sid will remain stable.

This does mean that applications will have to do some work to manage users if they want to allow registering with multiple providers and having them resolve to the same user in your system.

You can enable stable_sid to become the default sid (which is recommended) by setting an App Setting of in the portal.

Determining if the Name Identifier claim is stable If you are transitioning an application from using the old sid to the new stable_sid and want to detect in your code which version of the token you are using, there are a few things you can check: , they will end up with the same sid.

We refer to this throughout this topic as the 'sid'.

sid vs stable_sid When App Service Authentication was first released, the sid was generated based on the email of the user.

This made it great for linking a user across two providers if they used the same email for google, facebook and twitter, but it meant that the sid was not stable.

Someone could change their registered Facebook email and suddenly the sid would be different.

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