E2k7 oab not updating Sex blue italia

Easily upload multiple users’ photos to Office 365.

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e2k7 oab not updating-24

OK, I suggested this because I have seen issues similar before and the fix was that simple i.e. I am guessing that you have looked at the autodiscover VD permissions in IIS ? ro) 200 0 0 Is there some ways to manually test the Autodisover function based on a spesific user? In our hosted environment we set the ms Exch Query Base DN attribute when we create new users.

When I enable Expert logging on Autodisover\* the Application log just tell me that the Autodiscover session has started and processed successfully. The users with the problem had been created in an OU under the regular one.

I have a test user with the same domain address that work ok.

So I've noticed this from _some_ users that cannot get their Out of office assistant working after beeing moved to E2k7. Easily upload multiple users’ photos to Office 365.

A small background functionality of OAB from Exchange 2016: 1)Outlook Queries OAB through Autodiscover URL.

2)Reaches the Exchange 2016 mailbox OAB Virtual Directory.Id : 1016 Type : Success Message : [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the AS service at https://apaex13.plugg.no/EWS/ Id : 1015 Type : Success Message : [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the OAB service at https://apaex13.plugg.no/EWS/ Id : 1014 Type : Success Message : [EXCH]-Successfully contacted the UM service at https://apaex13.plugg.no/Unified Messaging/ Id : 1016 Type : Success Message : [EXPR]-Successfully contacted the AS service at https://outlook.plugg.no/EWS/ Id : 1015 Type : Success Message : [EXPR]-Successfully contacted the OAB service at https://outlook.plugg.no/EWS/ Id : 1014 Type : Information Message : [EXPR]-The UM is not configured for this user.Id : 1017 Type : Success Message : [EXPR]-Successfully contacted the RPC/HTTP service at https://outlook.plugg.no/Rpc. Id : 1006 Type : Success Message : The Autodiscover service was tested successfully.Below are the important things to perform: 1) When we introduce Exchange 2016 we need to create a new Offline Address Book New-Offline Address Book –name “OAB NEW” –Addresslists “\Default Global Address List” -Virtual Directories $null 2)Make sure 2016 OAB Virtual Directories URL’s are pointing to the Exchange 2016 Servers.Run the below command to check the settings Get-Oab Virtual Directory | ft identity,internalurl,externalurl -Auto Size 3)Change the default OAB on Exchange 2016 databases, to do so open Exchange 2016 Management Shell and run the following command: Get-Mailbox Database | Set-Mailbox Database -Offline Address Book “\Default Offline Address Book (Ex2016)” Enable Global Web Distribution The recommendation is to enable global web distribution for all OABs hosted on Exchange 2016. The main benefit is all Exchange 2016 Mailbox servers can take part only in web distribution.For some users autodiscover through SCP fails with error code 0x800C8203.

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