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The basic feeling of shyness is universal, and may have evolved as an adaptive mechanism used to help individuals cope with novel social stimuli.Shyness is felt as a mix of emotions, including fear and interest, tension and pleasantness.New social encounters are the most frequent causes of shyness, especially if the shy person feels herself to be the focus of attention.

Fearful shyness in response to new adults emerges in infancy.

Cognitive advances in self-awareness bring greater social sensitivity in the second year.

Extremely inhibited children show physiological differences from uninhibited children, including higher and more stable heart rates.

From ages 2 to 5, the most inhibited children continue to show reticent behavior with new peers and adults.

Hyson and Karen Van Trieste Shyness is a common but little understood emotion.

Everyone has felt ambivalent or self-conscious in new social situations.In fact, heredity may play a larger part in shyness than in any other personality trait.Adoption studies can predict shyness in adopted children from the biological mother’s sociability.Some parents, by labeling their children as shy, appear to encourage a self- fulfilling prophecy, Adults may cajole coyly shy children into social interaction, thus reinforcing shy behavior.There is growing evidence of a hereditary or temperamental basis for some variations of dispositional shyness.Shyness can be a normal, adaptive response to potentially overwhelming social experience.

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