Ben mendelsohn dating emily barclay

Coleman (What Happened and What’s Going On) REGULAR SHOWS Agent Carter, Season 1Now is Not the End: A- (MVPs: Atwell and D’Arcy)Bridge and Tunnel: A- (MVPs: Atwell and D’Arcy)Time & Tide: B (MVPs: Atwell and D’Arcy)The Blitzkrieg Button: A- (MVPs: Atwell and Cooper)The Iron Ceiling: A- (MVPs: Atwell, Murray, and Mc Donough)A Sin to Err: A- (MVPs: Atwell, Fonseca, and Regan)SNAFU: A- (MVPs: Atwell and Whigham)Valediction: A- (MVPs: Atwell and Cooper)Season Grade: A-Season MVP: Hayley Atwell Lead Actress in a Drama Series-Hayley Atwell (Now is Not the End; The Blitzkrieg Button; Valediction)Guest Actor in a Drama Series-Dominic Cooper (The Biltzkrieg Button; Valediction) Bloodline, Season 1Part 1: A- (MVPs: Chandler, Mendelsohn, Cardellini, and Shepard)Part 2: B (MVPs: Chandler, Mendelsohn, and Butz)Part 3: B (MVPs: Chandler, Mendelsohn, and Cardellini)Part 4: B (MVPs: Mendelsohn and Shepard)Part 5: A- (MVPs: Chandler, Mendelsohn, and Spacek)Part 6: A- (MVPs: Chandler and Mendelsohn)Part 7: A- (MVPs: Mendelsohn and Sevigny)Part 8: A- (MVPs: Chandler and Mendelsohn)Part 9: A- (MVPs: Chandler, Mendelsohn, Cardellini, and Spacek)Part 10: A- (MVPs: Chandler, Mendelsohn, Cardellini, and Spacek)Part 11: A (MVP: Chandler)Part 12: A (MVPs: Chandler and Mendelsohn)Part 13: A- (MVPs: Chandler and Cardellini)Season Grade: A-Season MVPs: Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn Lead Actor in a Drama Series-Ben Mendelsohn (Part 8)Supporting Actress in a Drama Series-Linda Cardellini (Part 3)Supporting Actress in a Drama Series-Sissy Spacek (Part 10)Game of Thrones, Season 5The Wars to Come: B (MVPs: Dinklage, Headey, Harington, and Hill)The House of Black and White: B (MVPs: Dinklage, Headey, Clarke, and Harington)High Sparrow: A- (MVPs: Dinklage, Harington, and Hill)The Sons of the Harpy: B (MVPs: Dinklage, Headey, Harington, Dillane, and Varma)Kill the Boy: A- (MVPs: Dinklage, Harington, Turner, and Rheon)Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: B (MVPs: Dinklage, Headey, Turner, and Rigg)The Gift: A- (MVPs: Headey, Clarke, Pryce, and Rigg)Hardhome: A (MVPs: Dinklage, Headey, Clarke, and Harington)The Dance of Dragons: B (MVPs: Dinklage and Clarke) Mother’s Mercy: A (MVPs: Headey, Harington, Williams, and Pryce)Season Grade: A-Season MVPs: Lena Headey and Kit Harington Justified, Season 6Fate’s Right Hand: A- (MVPs: Olyphant, Goggins, and Carter)Cash Game: A- (MVPs: Olyphant, Goggins, Carter, Dillahunt, Elliott, and Steenbergen)Noblesse Oblige: A- (MVPs: Goggins, Carter, and Elliott)The Trash and the Snake: A- (MVPs: Olyphant, Carter, Goggins, Elliott, Steenbergen, Davies, and Dever)Sounding: A- (MVPs: Olyphant, Carter, Burns, and Oswalt)Alive Day: B (MVPs: Olyphant and Dillahunt)The Hunt: A (MVPs: Olyphant, Searcy, Carter, Goggins, Dillahunt, Elliott, and Zea)Dark as a Dungeon: A- (MVPs: Olyphant, Searcy, Carter, Goggins, Steenburgen, Dillahunt, and Elliott)Burned: A (MVPs: Olyphant, Burns, Carter, Goggins, Steenburgen, Elliott, and Dever)Trust: A (MVPs: Olyphant, Carter, Goggins, and Elliott)Fugitive Number One: B (MVPs: Steenburgen and Elliott)Collateral: A- (MVPs: Olyphant, Goggins, Oswalt, Dever, and Elliott)The Promise: A (MVPs: Olyphant, Carter, Dever, and Goggins)Season Grade: A/A-Season MVPs: Timothy Olyphant, Joelle Carter, and Walton Goggins Series Grade: A-Series MVPs: Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins Lead Actor in a Drama Series-Timothy Olyphant (Fate’s Right Hand; Sounding)Supporting Actor in a Drama Series-Garret Dillahunt (Cash Game; The Hunt)Supporting Actor in a Drama Series-Sam Elliott (Noblesse Oblige)Supporting Actor in a Drama Series-Walton Goggins (Noblesse Oblige; The Hunt)Supporting Actress in a Drama Series-Joelle Carter (The Trash and the Snake; Sounding; The Hunt)Supporting Actress in a Drama Series-Mary Steenbergen (The Trash and the Snake)Guest Actress in a Drama Series-Kaitlyn Dever (Burned) The Legend of Korra, Season 3A Breath lof Fresh Air: A- (MVPs: Varney and Simmons)Rebirth: B (MVPs: Varney and Simmons)The Earth Queen: B (MVPs: Varney, Faustino, and Byrne)In Harm’s Way: A- (MVPs: Varney, Simmons, and Shipka)The Metal Clan: A- (MVPs: Varney, Sterling, Heche, Edelstein, and Stoner)Old Wounds: A- (MVPs: Sterling and Heche)Original Airbenders: A- (MVPs: Simmons and Shipka)The Terror Within: A- (MVPs: Higgins and La Marche)The Stakeout: A- (MVPs: Varney and Gabriel)Long Live The Queen: A- (MVPs: Gabriel and Rollins)The Ultimatum: A- (MVPs: Varney, Simmons, and Davison)Enter the Void: A (MVP: Varney)Venom of the Red Lotus: A (MVPs: Varney, Simmons, and Shipka)Season Grade: A-Season MVPs: Janet Varney and J. Simmons The Legend of Korra, Season 4After All These Years: B (MVPs: Brigmann and Stoner)Korra Alone: A (MVPs: Varney, Saint, and Sampler)The Coronation: B (MVPs: Varney, Faustino, Sampler, Malhotra, and Williams)The Calling: A- (MVPs: Varney, Shipka, Byrnes, Wells, and Sampler)Enemy at the Gates: B (MVPs: Higgins, Sheh, and Heche)Battle of Zaofu: B (MVPs: Byrne, Higgins, and Stoner)Reunion: A- (MVPs: Varney, Faustino, Byrne, and Gabriel)Rememberances: B (MVPs: Faustino and Higgins)Beyond the Wilds: B (MVPs: Varney, Byrne, Stoner, and Rollins)Operation Beifong: A- (MVPs: Byrne, Sterling, Stoner, and Sampler)Kuvira’s Gambit: B (MVPs: Varney, Higgins, Sheh, Heche, Williams, and Malhotra)Day of the Colossus: A- (MVPs: Varney, Higgins, Sheh, Malhotra, Heche, and Bamford)The Last Stand: A- (MVPs: Varney, Faustino, Byrne, Gabriel, and Williams)Season Grade: B Season MVPs: Janet Varney, P. Byrne, and John Michael Higgins Series Grade: A-Series MVP: Janet Varney Voiceover Performance-Janet Varney (Korra Alone)Voiceover Performance-J. Simmons (Original Airbenders)Voiceover Performance-Mindy Sterling (Old Wounds)Voiceover Performance-John Michael Higgins (Battle of Zaofu)Voiceover Performance-Kiernan Shipka (Original Airbenders)Voiceover Performance-Darcy Rose Byrnes (The Calling)Voiceover Performance-Anne Heche (Enemy at the Gates) 24: Live Another Day Day 9 am-pm/Day 9 pm-pm: A- (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, Rajskub, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: B (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, Rajskub, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: B (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: A- (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, Devane, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: B (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: A- (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, Devane, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: A (MVPs: Sutherland, Donovan, Devane, and Raver)Day 9 pm-pm: A- (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, and Fairley)Day 9 pm-pm: A- (MVPs: Sutherland and Strahovski)Day 9 pm-pm: A- (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, Donovan, and Raver)Day 9 am-am: A (MVPs: Sutherland, Strahovski, and Devane)Season Grade: A-Season MVPs: Kiefer Sutherland, Yvonne Strahovski, William Devane, and Michelle Fairley Lead Actor in a Miniseries/Movie-Kiefer Sutherland (Day 9 pm-am)Supporting Actor in a Miniseries/Movie-William Devane (Day 9 pm-pm; Day 9 pm-am)Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie-Michelle Fairley (Day 9 pm-pm)Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie-Mary Lynn Rajskub (Day 9 pm-pm)Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie-Yvonne Strahovski (Day 9 pm-pm) 24: Live Another Day:9-1: “Day 9: a.m. Actress – Miniseries/TV Movie: Angela Bassett Outstanding Sup. ) Veep: Joint Session- BEast Wing- BData- A-Tehran- B-Convention- A-Storms and Pancakes- B- The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary- AStrangers- A-Four Walls and a Roof- ASlabtown- B-Self Help- BConsumed- CCrossed- BCoda- B What Happened and What’s Going On- B- Them- C- The Distance- A- Remember- A- Forget- A- Spend- B Try- BConquer- B Season Grade- BMVP- Andrew Lincoln Possible nominations: Supporting Actress in a Drama Series- Melissa Mc Bride (Forget)Guest Actor- Chad L. Acotr – Miniseries/TV Movie: Finn Wittrock Outstanding Sup.

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Actor – Drama Series: Brent Dalton (“A Fractured House”)Outstanding Sup.

S.: Part Two” B : Clark Gregg Outstanding Drama Series: (“Making Friends and Influencing People”, “A Fractured House”, “What They Become”, “One Door Closes”, “Scars”, “S. S.: Part Two”)Outstanding Actor – Drama Series: Clark Gregg (“A Fractured House”)Outstanding Actress – Drama Series: Ming-Na Wen (“Face My Enemy”)Outstanding Sup.

Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington- B Pie-Mary- B-The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show- A Two Funerals- A-One Last Ride- B Season Grade- BMVP- Chris Pratt Possible nominations: Comedy Series- A (Ron and Jammy; Leslie and Ron), B (Donna and Joe; The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show), C (One Last Ride)Actress- Amy Poehler (Leslie and Ron)Supporting Actor- Nick Offerman (Leslie and Ron)Supporting Actor- Chris Pratt (The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show)Writing- One Last Ride Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Goes Outside! Actress – Drama Series: Kelly Macdonald (“Cuanto”)Outstanding Guest Actress – Drama Series: Patricia Arquette (“Cuanto”)Outstanding Directing – Drama Series: Tim Van Patten (“Eldorado”)Outstanding Directing – Drama Series: Tim Van Patten (“Golden Days for Boys and Girls”)Outstanding Writing – Drama Series: Howard Korder & Terence Winter (“Eldorado”)Outstanding Writing – Drama Series: Terence Winter (“The Good Listener”) Brooklyn Nine-Nine:2-1: “Undercover” B2-2: “Chocolate Milk” B 2-3: “The Jimmy Jab Games” B2-4: “Halloween II” C2-5: “The Mole” B 2-6: “Jake and Sophia” B2-7: “Lockdown” A-2-8: “USPIS” B-2-9: “The Road Trip” C 2-10: “The Pontiac Bandit Returns” C 2-11: “Stakeout” B2-12: “Beach House” B2-13: “Payback” A-2-14: “Defense Rests” B-2-15: “Hostages” C2-16: “The Wednesday Incident” B2-17: “Boyle-Lenetti Wedding” A-2-18: “Captain Peralta” B-2-19: “Sabotage” B-2-20: “AC/DC” B-2-21: “Det.

Actor – Comedy Series: Simon Helberg (“The Comic Book Store Regeneration”)Outstanding Sup. “Part 13” – B Season Grade: B Season MVP: Ben Mendelsohn Drama Series: TAPE A: “Part 1” & “Part 5”TAPE B: “Part 10” & “Part 11”TAPE C: “Part 12” & “Part 13” Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Kyle Chandler (“Part 12”)Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Ben Mendelsohn (“Part 1”)Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Linda Cardellini (“Part 3”)Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Sissy Spacek (“Part 10”)Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Sam Shepard (“Part 4”)Directing for a Drama Series: Johan Renck (“Part 1”)Directing for a Drama Series: Carl Franklin (“Part 12”)Writing for a Drama Series: Todd A.

”)Outstanding Directing – Drama Series: Daniel Sackheim (“Baggage”) Bates Motel:3-1: “A Death in the Family” B 3-2: “The Arcanum Club” C 3-3: “Persuasion” B3-4: “Unbreakable” C-3-5: “The Deal” C3-6: “Norma Louise” B-3-7: “The Last Supper” C3-8: “The Pit” B-3-9: “Crazy” B3-10: “Unconscious” B : Vera Farmiga Outstanding Actor – Drama Series: Freddie Highmore (“Persuasion”)Outstanding Actress – Drama Series: Vera Farmiga (“Norma Louise”)Outstanding Writing – Drama Series: Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin (“Unconscious”) Better Call Saul:1-1: “Uno” B 1-2: “Mijo” C 1-3: “Nacho” C1-4: “Hero” B 1-5: “Alpine Shepherd Boy” C1-6: “Five-O” A-1-7: “Bingo” B1-8: “Rico” B1-9: “Pimento” B 1-10: “Marco” B : Bob Odenkirk Outstanding Drama Series: (“Uno”, “Hero”, “Five-O”, “Rico”, “Pimento”, “Marco”)Outstanding Actor – Drama Series: Bob Odenkirk (“Uno”)Outstanding Sup.

Actor – Drama Series: Frank Langella (“EST Men”)Outstanding Guest Actress – Drama Series: Lois Smith (“Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? - D The Trap- B Grodd Lives- B-Rogue Air- B- Game of Thrones: The Wars to Come- C The House of Black and White- B-High Sparrow- A-Sons of the Harpy- C Kill the Boy- CUnbowed, Unbent, Unbroken- B House of Cards: Chapter 27- BChapter 28- BChapter 29- C Chapter 30- C Chapter 31- C Chapter 32- BChapter 33- C Chapter 34- C Chapter 35- C Chapter 36- C Chapter 37- BChapter 38- B-Chapter 39- B- Season Grade- C MVP- Robin Wright Possible nominations: Drama Series- A (Chapter 27; Chapter 28), B (Chapter 32; Chapter 37), C (Chapter 38, Chapter 39)Actor- Kevin Spacey (Chapter 28)Actress- Robin Wright (Chapter 32)Supporting Actor- Michael Kelly (Chapter 27)Directing- Chapter 28Directing- Chapter 37Writing- Chapter 27Writing- Chapter 28Writing- Chapter 32Guest Actor- Lars Mikkelsen (Chapter 29)Guest Actress- Rachel Brosnahan (Chapter 39) The Last Man on Earth: Alive in Tucson- BThe Elephant in the Room- C Raisinballs and Wedding Bells- C Sweet Melissa- C Louie: Potluck- B-A La Carte- BCop Story- A Bobby’s House- BUntitled- ASleepover- A Orange is the New Black: Thirsty Bird- A Looks Blue, Tastes Red- B Hugs Can Be Deceiving- B A Whole Other Hole- B Low Self Esteem City- BYou Also Have a Pizza- BComic Sans- B Appropriatly Sized Pots- B 40 OZ of Furlough- B Little Mustachioed Shit- BTake a Break from Your Values- BIt Was the Change- BWe Have Manners. Actress – Drama Series: Linda Cardellini (“Part 3”)Outstanding Sup. We’re Polite.- B Season Grade- BMVP- Uzo Aduba Possible nominations and submissions: Drama Series- A (Thirsty Bird; Looks Blue, Tastes Red) B (Hugs Can Be Deceiving; A Whole Other Hole) C (It Was the Change; We Have Manners. Actress – Drama Series: Chloe Sevigny (“Part 2”)Outstanding Sup. Actress – Comedy Series: Stephanie Beatriz (“The Road Trip”)Outstanding Sup. Actress – Comedy Series: Melissa Fumero (“Beach House”)Outstanding Guest Actor – Comedy Series: Ed Helms (“USPIS”)Outstanding Guest Actor – Comedy Serise: Chris Parnell (“Sabotage”)Outstanding Guest Actress – Comedy Series: Eva Longoria (“Jake and Sophia”)Outstanding Guest Actress – Comedy Series: Kyra Sedgwick (“Defense Rests”)Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series: Victor Nelli, Jr. ”)Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: Jeff Fischer (“Holy Shit, Jeff’s Back! Jon Benjamin (“The Oeder Games”)Voiceover Performance: Dan Mintz (“Tina Tailor Soldier Spy”)Voiceover Performance: Eugene Mirman (“The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee”)Voiceover Performance: John Roberts (“Eat Spray Linda”)Voiceover Performance: Kristen Schaal (“The Millie-churian Candidate”) – Season 101.

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