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I am pleased with that although not sure at all if it is an impressive number.

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There is an interesting dilemma when putting a slave through a terrible humiliation.

For example, having bitch-boy dressed as a parody of a little girl with a dress coming down only to his hips, shaved genitals on display, huge ribbon bow on his head and with a lisping voice – performing a nursery rhyme with childish actions to the words.

Perhaps standing in the corner with a red bottom, or playing with dollies, or licking the soles of the woman’s shoes or boots clean.

or sitting at a table writing lines, or doing housework or ironing, (dressed as a sissy maid); while the woman reads a newspaper or book, or watches TV or talks on the phone, or smokes a cigarette, or chats with a visiting friend or two.

Men would get into trouble for misbehaving or not keeping the house clean.

What a shame the evolution of the species regarding gender and testosterone went the way it did.(I do actually LOVE all sorts of images of Lezdom, and if a male looks at such a shot and imagines himself in the role of the submissive – all well and good.But I decided that there are so many males who look at such shots and imagine themselves in the role of the dominant, that I cannot include Lezdom shots on my Tumblr site.The male must be in all his finery and then dance for her amusement and approval. So applying anthropomorphism with more logic, the male has to be all dressed up like a tart and then dance and dance while the aloof and simply dressed female watches and assesses. Many, many years ago, together with letters in Madame magazines, the letters published on the 2nd of each month on the Petticoat Discipline Quarterly site educated me on the art of petticoating, shame dressing and shaming rituals.I had to laugh on my visit to the dental hygienist this week to find a pile of leaflets on the counter. The information at the bottom explaining the different colours for each size is so helpful for any Nurse Nasty that may read it. I have to say though that over the last year, until this month, the letters have not been useful – mostly being from sissy males who want to be dressed as sissies and be treated as a happy little girl or baby.Finally I like to see a male in bondage and his cock being tortured in some way, and I like to see a male being spat on and/or pissed on. I just don’t get why the women are not simply in smart evening wear, or clothes that would be worn in an office, or just tight leggings – a simple top and Ugg boot style slippers.

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