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Each song burrows its way into your head with repetitive, undeniably catchy synth lines and vocal chants.“SNGA” (“Soviet Nerve Gas Attack”), “Cops” and “Delta Five” are doomy evocations of Cold War tension not far removed from very early Devo.Certainly a track like “Holland Tunnel” could have only been made by subculture-minded Jersey kids.

We are seeing this more and more, where retailers (and the designers who work with them) are playing a fascinating game of one-ups-manship for who can create the biggest, most conceptual buzz around their brand. These resemble the brightening, moisturizing, protective and vitalizing effects of the product once applied on skin.” In addition to viewing the product, visitors are immersed in a soundscape of alternating colours and dizzying patterns.

And most importantly, connect to the essence of the client.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can hop on a NJ Transit bus or train and be in New York City in less than an hour.

There has never been anything urbane, hip or cosmopolitan about South River.

Louis Poulsen consistently demonstrates the value of brand integrity with a catalogue that’s carefully expanded from a strong foundation.

(Like Waw and myself, Dark Entries proprietor Josh Cheon is a Livingston College graduate.) Later the label released the long-dormant xex:change LP, along with a full-length live video from NYC’s fabled Hurrah! His former bandmates have xex’s tapes and archival materials, and there are posthumous releases on the distant horizon.

South River was never known for its progressive music scene.

In the early 1980s, it was a heavy metal town, with local bar the Union Jack hosting Raven, Anthrax and Metallica.

You would certainly never have expected South River to produce a cult synth-pop album embraced by aesthetes from New Brunswick to Europe.

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