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Tower Transit Singapore officially commenced operations on , while Go-Ahead Singapore (we kid you not about the name) was the newest operator to join the group on 4 September 2016.

There are many benefits that arise from taking the bus.

Fast Forward buses, like their namesake, are another example of a special bus service as these buses allows passengers to enjoy a shorter commute to and from high-traffic areas during peak hours by eliminating numerous stops along the way.

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Details of bus route and fare Transit Link fare cards The Transit Link fare card system can be used for both bus and MRT travel and enjoy rebates with valid transfers made between bus and MRT or between buses within the time allowed. MRT routes are expanding in this small country, moving around in Singapore using MRT isn't difficult after all, if you are able to find a suitable place to reside.

The MRT now consists of four lines traveling north-south, east-west, northeast and a line running from Jurong to Chua Chu Kang.

A multi-usable card can be used for travel on the MRT, LRT and buses and even used for purchasing of goods and services in some retail and food outlets.

To curb congestion, the growth and use of vehicles are also closely controlled and monitored.

The government has plans to link it up with Malaysia's proposed high-speed electric train.

The MRT service is fast, modern and air-conditioned.

Bus services are regular and inexpensive and most of the buses are air-conditioned.

There are many types of buses, from mini-buses to double-deck to super-long buses that can take 110 passengers.

For more information on public transportation, please contact: SBS Transit Limited Toll Free: (65) 1800 - 287 2727 Email : [email protected] Website : Singapore MRT Ltd Toll Free: (65) 18 Website : Buses are also a common mode of transportation here in Singapore, all buses now are air-conditioned and some even have mobile televisions installed, making rides a pleasant one.

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