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But he is also one of these multifaceted men that many single women aspire to date.

The experience then was a good excuse to write one of the band’s biggest hits: .

Since its marriage, the singer’s romantic life has become highly private.

The amazing aspect about dating a multifaceted guy is that he is versatile, and methodical, knows how schedule his own agenda, and is capable to manage his business, and give priorities the attention they need.

Of course, they know that time is valuable, therefore they tend to be more attentive when it comes to romance, and keeping the flame alive.

It is only fair that before we get started on the topic of Jon Bon Jovi’s wife, kids, family, daughter and his height, here a few facts about the star himself.

See also: Olivia Wilde’s Husband, House, Net Worth And Height • He was born John Francis Bongiovi jr., but till date, he is popularly known as Jon Bon Jovi.Having a relationship with a man like Jon Bon Jovi, who has the rock’n’roll way of life tattooed all over his body, and running through his veins, may be challenging, but if he madly falls in love with you, for sure you will end up laying on a “bed of roses”, and embarking on a romantic adventure of a lifetime.There are very few people who have not heard this star’s name, he was and is still quite the A-lister, so it is only natural that people would be curious about him.There was, though, a love triangle involving the actress Diane Lane, his girlfriend in the mid-80s.Lane was getting closer to Bon Jovi’s guitarist, Richie Sambora, and the singer ended up dumping her.• The star has a very interesting racial cocktail going for him, his name does give you a few hints, but here is what he is really about.

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