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At that stage of my life, he & Hong Kong were just not for me.

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For straight forward sex, no strings attached then go for sex dating sites: Adult friend finder and Tinder.

If it’s no-strings-attached sexual dating you’re after, then Seeking arrangement and Sugardaddie are probably the best for you.

They’re generally high-end dating; will most likely lead to sex; and sometimes even to lasting relationships. (As an aside, I really do have some belly bursting stories from my dating experiences with sugardaddie – but that will have to wait for my next post. ) As the name suggests, you can find pretty much anything here of interest to mutually consenting adults.

A site definitely for the over 18 and sexually confident.

I Preferred Dating Older Men At the time, I preferred older men – well up to the age of 60, now I’m 41 – as it happens, I still do – provided they’re young at heart!

So, after a string of false starts using traditional dating methods – parties, bars, pubs, introductions from friends, even my old school alumni & dog-eared address book(s) etc… I started with sugardaddie, as it had been recommended to me as a way to meet the more mature and stable partner I was seeking.We had planned for me to stop over on my way to Perth and meet for 3 nights on my way to what was intended as a 3 week holiday in the remote Western Australian capital. But Hong Kong, a city 20 times more hectic than the London I had just escaped, just wasn’t for me.Well, as my followers will know, that 3 weeks has now turned into 6 years… But trust me, I have no regrets in using or meeting Matthew come to that.However, whilst my early experience with Matthew was positive, these days I would not go near the site as my attitude has changed, particularly after my encounter with Randall AKA PI Magnum I mentioned in my previous article.The Best Online Dating Sites There are literally hundreds of online dating sites and more are popping up weekly.Weird Dating Sites There are dating sites matched to your mobile phone provider, and even one to the American politician “Bernie Sanders” – whether it’s the real Bernie Sanders who aspires to become President or not, it’s certainly an intriguing prospect! But I must admit none of them met my criteria such that I wanted to follow through.

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