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Because illicit sexuality can be addictive, a progressive degeneration can increase the risks for acting out physically.

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The sexual bonding that occurs with another person, whether in body or mind, has the power to restore or enslave the spirit.

In every case, sex affects the human spirit with the precision of a laser beam – the direction of the laser beam depends upon the context of the sexual experience itself.

Over time, illicit sex will further damage a person’s beliefs about men, women, marriage, children, and sexuality.

Risks escalate in an effort to increase the addictive high, while trying to satisfy an unidentified soul-hunger.

Our spirits seek moments of transcendence that defy our pain and despair.

In an unhealthy and imperfect way, people who act out sexually are seeking such transcendence.

Despite our fears, however, we must push ahead with confronting our spouse.

Confrontation, while painful and intimidating, is the necessary first step toward reconciling your marriage and bringing about personal healing for yourself and your spouse. Armed with knowledge that your spouse is acting out sexually, you have no other responsible option.

Sadly, there will never be enough sex for the sex addict not in recovery.

Your confrontation, however angry you feel, can be a loving gesture that may help to arrest the runaway train of addiction. Sexuality is inherently a spiritual endeavor to find a deeper sense of personal worth.

Frankly, it’s easier in the short run to look the other way. As you gather the facts and your feelings, build your confrontation around a body-mind-spirit approach.

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