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But the festival, as much as the subculture, does not stand still.Recent appearances by synth-rock outfit William Control, and the London-based darkwave band, Cold in Berlin, testify to a new type of sound, and a different generation of attendees.

A flock of goths flee under a set of identical black-peaked parasols (rainproof, apparently).

The rest of us are trapped here, on the first floor of the Runde Ecke, a nondescript office building in Leipzig, Germany, the former headquarters of the Ministry for State Security, once home to the East German secret police known as the Stasi.

There is an on-site (absinthe breakfast) begins daily at 9am, and a four-day Pagan Village offers medieval food and handicrafts.

On Sunday, cemeteries, mourning halls, and crematoriums throughout the city are open to visitors.

Smaller, newer bands crammed into venues throughout the city while massive crowds turned out to hear pioneers of the genre: Skinny Puppy, Breath of Life, and the U.

K.-based half of Gene Loves Jezebel (the original band was fronted by twin brothers, Michael and Jay Aston; they each continued recording under the name Gene Loves Jezebel; lawsuits ensued). ” shouted a guy from Amsterdam, there to see his first live Mission show, right before the band launched into an epic version of “Deliverance.” More than 250 bands played this year’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

I turn back the plastic notebook cover on one such report and read, “(strange and wild hair).

Also, it seems dozens of teens were put under state surveillance for expressing affection for The Cure.

Nearly four decades after the Damned, Siouxsie, Joy Division, and the Cure initiated goth’s earliest wave, new bands are still riffing, revising, and innovating the canon (Jon Stickley was among the first to use the term “gothic rock”—reviewing the Doors in 1967).

Over four days, more than 250 bands played, representing dark music from every decade.

And while John writes the songs, as he always has, it feels more than ever like he’s speaking for all of us in the band, erstwhile goths (raises hand) or otherwise, for these are songs that approach an identity most often associated with youth from a perspective that is inescapably adult.

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