Camroom it - Updating zoneedit

Dynamic DNS service provides a domain name like foo.

updating zoneedit-56

This is where they showed the option for the free DNS service.

You can create an account for free and then go to the link The email they send once you create an account contains a link to add free DNS, but I had discovered that later.

Zone Edit is fairly well-known and may be widely supported.

Now that you have dynamic DNS configured, you will need to configure things with your domain name registrar.

UPDATE – This information was posted in the comments below by Mark from Zone Edit, but I thought I would add it to this post. “One important clarification: the option for free DNS shows up whenever you click on “Add Domain”, look at the TOP RIGHT, you should see a text link that says: “You have X free slots left.

Add Free DNS Domain” We also added the link to the “delete my account” screen because we found a lot of people were deleting their accounts because “we thought Zoneedit had a free DNS service” …

This means you will receive warnings from web browsers each time you connect.

These warnings can minimized by trusting the certificate and this may be fine for some people.

customer service was also very helpful – something you may not get with a free SSL certificate.

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