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All proceeds benefit Flyers Charities and the Flyers Alumni Association and the various non-profit organizations they support throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. of elevation this route is the designed for the rider looking for a challenge. and travel north on Broad Street around City Hall, passing Logan Square and the Philadelphia Museum of Art as they continue down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

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We always welcome new Shake Shacks to the city, but we were particularly happy about this one opening right outside Nats Park.

While having one in the actual stadium is great in theory, waiting in the line is similar to being in a port-a-potty line on day three of Burning Man. Now you can get the satisfaction without missing four innings of the game.

A trip to Boston, especially the first time, would be incomplete without a short walk across the Charlestown Bridge to the Navy Yard.

Not only is the surrounding neighborhood filled with lovely colonial houses encircling the magnificent Bunker Hill Monument, but the jewel and flagship of the US Navy, the USS Constitution, is docked at the Yard, waiting for you to step aboard.

At the end of World War I, in 1918, Sam Weisberg, whose business was selling buttons to Navy personnel located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, approached Gershen with the idea of forming their own company. Weisberg would specialize in buttons and other metal items, and Bernard would specialize in lace and other sewn items. In 1985, Vanguard expanded to both coasts when it merged with the Wolf-Brown Corporation.

To pick the name of their new company, Gershen and Weisber opened the dictionary and pointed at random to the word "Vanguard". With World War II looming in 1941, Vanguard responded to the dramatic increase in demand for military insignia by expanding to support all branches of the U. Several years later another branch office opened in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Meyer's vast collection of military insignia to the National Museum of the United States Army. This was replaced by the two digit code 1V around 1953-54.

is a supplier of military insignia and accouterments to the U. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, Public Health Service, NOAA, Coast Geodetic Survey, and Civil Air Patrol. Founded in New York City in 1918 by Bernard Gershen who arrived in the US in 1903 he was tailor and found work at NY Sea Ports sewing.

Vanguard is a supplier of military insignia to the U. Working right on the piers, Bernard soon began to specialize in sewing the gold lace onto the jackets of the ship’s captain and crew.

Old Ironsides' rigging is a geometrical masterpiece and the ship remains in perfect condition, just waiting for your glimpse back into our past.

The curators of the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) completed the transfer of artifacts previously warehoused at its facility on the Washington Navy Yard NHHC officials announced Dec. The artifacts are now at their new home in Richmond, Va.

What kept me coming back to the Navy Yard was the bench in the rickety ferry terminal - the wobbly old shack at the tip of the yard, the very southern terminus of Broad Street and South Philadelphia. I sit for a moment and watch the river flow before heading back. "You called our donkeys lonely," said Prema Katari Gupta, a senior vice president of Navy Yard Planning & Development, remembering that old column. It shows how the yard has transformed in the last decade, from a mostly abandoned ghost town to a hub of new buildings, businesses, parks, a Courtyard Marriott, restaurants, including Marc Vetri's Lo Spiedo, housed in one of the old gatehouses, and Urban Outfitters' cafeteria, which overlooks the USS John F. "The coolest shipyard in America," Politico called it during the DNC. Such as the chapel where generations of seamen and their families prayed in the soft light that filters through the stained-glass window depicting Jesus helping a sailor steady his ship in stormy seas.

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