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Along with the profile, the picture is an important aspect that is considered by people on the lookout for a mate (aren’t we all visual creatures? The profile picture often falls prey to various photo editing software for a little blur here and a little slimming there.

Talk about looking good and people would go to any extent.

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Online dating sites have provided a lot of cushion to people aspiring to curate the image they like to present to the world and be the perfect version of themselves to attract a mate.

But is that a mate they’re seeking or a casual fling, one night stand or simply a date to try out someone new; depends on what the intention behind the action is.

Here are a few tips to serve as reminder notes before you sign up on a dating site to find ´the one´.

Relationships are highly dependent on effective communication regardless of the fact that they’re online where you get each notification when the other one dozes off or takes a bath, or in physical world where meet up plans could be made any time but still are never enough. Just click the signup button, add some information and a description of yourself together with a recent photo.

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