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In fact, due to limitations of space, the museum is currently not able to function properly with regard to one of its basic tasks: storing and preserving (scientifically) valuable materials.

This institution served various faculties since 1966.

The main objective of the University Storage Center was collecting, classifying and preserving natural, cultural and historical research materials, in order to make these accessible for research.

Due to the huge numbers of objects, we currently face a chronic shortage of space.

Already in 2000, this problem was acknowledged by the "External Evaluating Committee" (who, by the way, rated the activities by the University Museum high). The exhibition space is large enough, but research and especially storage space need to be enlarged.

We encourage everybody to make use of our facilities.

The University of Tokyo owns 6,400,000 research objects; 2,430,000 of these are located in The University Museum.

And of course, being a public institution, we strive to make this research available to the "wider public", so that society as a whole can benefit.

At present, the museum staff consists of 10 persons: 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, and 1 foreign visiting associate professor. Complementing the staff are 2 research assistants (working in respectively the Koishikawa Annex and the Laboratory for Radiocarbon Dating), 2 visiting professors, and 1 visiting associate professor (Museum Technology).

As indicated above, we believe that university museums should and can play important roles for both the scientific community and the wider public.

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