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Also keep in mind, as mentioned earlier in the article – the cops are not always your friends in these situations.If, despite your best efforts, your property draws the attention of people with ill intent, you must be ready to defend your family.In most scenarios you will be far safer at home than you will be in any type of shelter or refuge situation.

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In a perfect world, we’d all be home, watching the chaos erupt on TV from the safety of our living rooms.

However, reality says that some of us will be at work, at school, or in the car when unrest occurs.

This glimpse into a systemic breakdown is based on an isolated, limited disaster or event where emergency responders have been deployed.

I must emphasize that all bets are off if the event is wide spread, affecting multiple tens of millions of people simultaneously.” Here are the most vital things that you can do to be prepared for civil unrest.

The extent to which you strive to do this should be based on the severity of the unrest in your area. Consider installing decorative gridwork over a door with a large window so that it becomes difficult for someone to smash the glass and reach in to unlock the door. (Heavy duty garbage bags work well.) If it’s safe to do so, go outside and check to see if any light escapes from the windows.

Some of the following recommendations are not necessary in an everyday grid-down scenario, but could save your life in a more extreme civil unrest scenario. If your home is the only one on the block that is well-lit, it is a beacon to others. Many home invasions start with an innocent-seeming knock at the door to gain access to your house. If everyone else in the neighborhood is hungry, the meat on your grill will draw people like moths to a flame. If the disorder is widespread, don’t depend on a call to 911 to save you – you must be prepared to save yourself.

Whether the next few weeks lead to pandemonium due to the welfare strings being cut or some type of martial law, a prepared mindset, a defense plan, and a well-stocked home can help to keep you and your family out of harm’s way.

In her article Anatomy of a Breakdown, Tess Pennington wrote: “When you take the time to understand how a breakdown behaves and how it progresses, only then can you truly prepare for it.

Find multiple routes home – map out alternative backroad ways to get home as well as directions if you must go home on foot. If you work or go to school a substantial distance from your home, figure out some places to lay low now, before a crisis situation.

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