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Spain has it all…beautiful art and architecture, exciting all-night festivals, and men who are gentlemen and the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome!

Whether you’re traveling to Spain to study, vacation, or work, if you’re in the market for meeting men–and even if you aren’t–it’s fun to meet the Spaniards. Here are some tips for making sure that appealing Spanish men are part of your trip.

However, we feel that the peak of quality is reached at three years for chicken products and five years for pork or beef products, provided the tin is sealed and not damaged in any way.

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In the States, guys called her “homely” and she joked that she had hips made for child bearing.

Upon arriving in Spain, she decided she was going to shed herself of self-consciousness and have fun.

Our canned meats are heat treated to ensure an extended shelf life outside of refrigeration.

The products are completely safe for a very long time.

In Spain, Blondes Really Do Have More Fun Spanish men are drawn to blondes.

Now when I say blonde, don’t think that you have to bond with your hair bleach to quality for this category. My hair isn’t on the light end of the blonde spectrum.

He was quite impressed that I cared about his heritage and said, “All most travelers know about Spain is that the Spanish word ‘cerveza’ means ‘beer.’ They just come here to party and drink.

We really appreciate meeting girls who want to learn about our country.

Because it is such a long shelf life product, we do not apply an expiration date.

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