lisa hannigan dating - Tennage girl athletes and dating violence

Empowering young people with the tools and the language to decipher healthy relationships from abusive ones is imperative in order to quell the epidemic of teen dating violence.We often forget that dating violence, which encompasses physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse between two people in a close relationship, can occur at any age, and can be most detrimental for young people whose ideas about what is normal are still being formed.It can be very hard for teens to distinguish dysfunctional behaviors from healthy ones, especially when this may very well be the first relationship they have ever been in. While both young women and young men can be victims of dating violence, the majority of cases deal with abusive boyfriends. Dating violence continues across generations in large part because of prevailing gender stereotypes or what Tony Porter in his Ted Talk calls the collective socialization of men.

In 2004 the Mentors in Violence Prevention program won the Celebrating Solutions award for utilizing the coveted status of athletes as role models to address the problem of men’s violence against women.

Every MVP session is co-facilitated by a mixed-gender, racially diverse group of former athletes.

Not all men are part of the problem, but, yes, all men must be part of the solution.” And not only are these young women doing fantastic work in their communities now, they will also be activists throughout their lives, communicating the message of gender equality and healthy relationships wherever their journeys take them.

Celebrating Solutions Programs The Mary Byron Project’s Celebrating Solutions Program awards exceptional programs honing in on specific characteristics that make an action plan against domestic violence successful.

When does a relationship cross the line between tumultuous and downright abusive?

offers some warning signs: if your partner is checking your cell phone or email without permission, constantly putting you down, extremely jealous or insecure, exhibiting an explosive temper, isolating you from family or friends, making false accusations, demonstrating constant mood swings, physically hurting you in any way, possessive of you, controlling, repeatedly pressuring you to have sex, you are in a violent relationship.

This can stop a young man from becoming a lifelong batterer.

We cannot underestimate the power of getting teens to simply tell someone “that’s not cool.” Mary Byron Scholars Program The Mary Byron Scholars Program selects exceptional and dedicated young women in high school to undergo training to become community liaisons in the effort to prevent dating violence.

They raise awareness at Assumption High School and throughout the community.

Specifically, they conduct training sessions at male high schools geared towards getting young men involved in the cause and creating valiant bystanders.

In April they spearheaded a Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week with three male high schools.

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