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The documents show that several priests were reprimanded, reassigned, or otherwise briefly sent off to treatment programs or vacations, only to return to serving their original communities or new ones.

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Snowshoe hares are ideal to investigate the potential for species to alter winter adaptations in response to climate change, explained Gigliotti, because unlike other small mammals that hibernate, group huddle, or use nests as means of coping with cold temperatures, hares remain active on the surface throughout winter.

And they are active at night when temperatures are typically the lowest.

That development, of course, helps hares camouflage and elude predators in winters with scant snowfall.

"We trapped three hares in January that were almost completely brown, and it's the first time that has been recorded in eastern North America," she said.

The researchers discovered that hares in Pennsylvania had shorter, less-dense and less-white winter coats than their northern counterparts, suggesting lower coat insulation.

Hares in the southern population had lower coat temperatures, indicating that they produced less heat than those in the northern population.

The report alleges that, dating back to the 1970s, “hundreds of children have fallen victim to child predators” in abuse cases that involved over 50 priests and religious leaders in the area: But there at the heart of the report isn’t just the criminal behavior, but criminal callousness in the desire of high-level officials to “avoid public scandal” by keeping abuse quiet and even allowing known predators to remain in commission as members of the clergy.

The information uncovered by the report had previously been kept in files to which only top diocese leaders had access.

Striking examples of that variability were documented by Diefenbach's team in findings published online in the .

They compared winter coat characteristics and heat production of snowshoe hares in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, Monroe County, to hares in Canada's Yukon, in the southwestern Kluane region, to investigate how hares might respond to changing environmental conditions.

As the Catholic News Service notes, the report, which includes testimony from victims, initially came about after the state’s attorney general was approached by “local law enforcement officials and district attorneys of several counties” with information about the abuse.

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