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Not the possible separation of me and Kathryn, but I know the offering of maybe somewhat-limited robotic partners is not too far away. (So I trained on Linux to give me an idea of the Unix foundation of Mac OS X.)Well, I talked to my therapist, “Skip” Santti, with the wonderful organization Tidewater Psychotherapy Services (a step ahead of the Dept.of Human Services’ iteration of it) yesterday, and he supports my i Dollator “feelings” (as he likes to call them) not 100%, but pretty damn close to 85 to 92%.

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He more or less became Something Awful's Chris-Chan, what with being an aspie dollfucker and writer of horrible songs and fiction.

Kevin, upon finding out that the Goons were having much lulz at his expense, went "BAWWWWW" like a crybaby and tried to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, but he wasn't as 1337 a h4X0r as he claimed to be and his efforts proved fail.

He's spent a lot of the last few years in various dollfucker forums, asking about everything from how he could go about building his own fuckdoll to where he can buy cheap clothing for his dollies.

He often says he's asking on one of his dolls' behalf.

Just like homosexuality ([EDIT:] but I’m not homosexual btw), Pygmalionism (i Dollator, Agalmatophila, ASFR) is a normal part of my sexuality.

Unlike the clients and staff with Human Services, Mental Health Services Div., who wants to be hell-bent with “getting me off of ‘it’,” Skip says that my sexuality is normal in my own perspective, and while others (including members and staff at Beach House) may not “get it,” but it would be in my own best interest not to tell them that I am a Pygmalionist.

He claims to have Aspergers, but we all know there's no such thing.

His beet-red complexion is likely due to a combination of high blood-pressure from ingesting tons of caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and junk food every day. He's evidently been found to be fucked-up enough to receive disability checks for it, which he constantly considers spending on fuckdolls. Before making his claim of being an aspie, Kevin was throwing around the term "schizoaffective", meaning he had a mixture of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which explains both his impulsive behaviors and delusions. How I got my disability (which is a mental one) was when I was four years old, I came down with a very serious peunomia and was sick for two weeks with a 104 deg fever ... That is considered a cross between bipolar and schizophrenia. Kevin didn't seem to take issue with the professional diagnosis until the day he self-diagnosed himself as an Aspie.

The plot also includes laughably shallow villains (based on Kevin's IRL "enemies") who want nothing more than to break the heroes and the mannequin-women up, for no other reason than "just because" generally.

Okay, basically what you do here is take the movies Mannequin and Weird Science and replace the heroes with psychotic, hyperactive autistics and give Kim Catrall's bimbo character from Mannequin some of the powers from Weird Science.

The mannequins then turn into women who are in every way the mens' feminine ideals, and they have unlimited resources such as money and whatever else can possibly be called for.

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