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The motivation for employers to avoid permanent contracts will be particularly high if such contracts give strong employment protection.

The use of fixed-term contracts, however, often means employment uncertainty for workers.

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In 11 EU countries and in Norway the proportion of fixed-term contracts decreased in the same period. In the EU28 as a whole the proportion of temporary contracts increased by 0.3%.

In the third quarter of 2014, there were calls in Norway and Malta for a less restrictive approach towards fixed-contracts.

This gives them more control of the company’s finances.

Temporary staff can provide a buffer for employers who can hire in a period of economic growth and lay people off during economic stagnation.

An expert report was commissioned under the terms of the public sector Haddington Road Agreement, and it concluded that the four years that a second-level teacher on a fixed-term contract had to wait before they became entitled to an indefinite contract should be cut.

The new terms, accepted by the government, entitles them to an indefinite contract after two years as a fixed-term employee.

Two further sectoral cases concern teaching staff in Ireland and teaching and research staff in Estonia.

In Ireland, the total length of consecutive fixed-term contracts for second-level teachers has been shortened.

Exceptions are Germany, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

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