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Because of this, we have a deep rooted and a (somewhat) unfair hate towards F. Title: 소녀시대와 위험한 소년들 English Title: Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys Genre: Variety, reality Number of episodes: 12 Broadcast network: j TBC Broadcast period: December 18, 2011 – March 4, 2012 Website: Plot: The Girls’ Generation members act as mentors for five juvenile teenage boys.

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But Lee rose to mainstream popularity when she joined the cast of We Got Married, a reality show about fake married couples, and was paired with Jun Jin of the boy band Shinhwa.

Called the "Gundam couple" Later that year, she starred in Playful Kiss, another series adapted from a manga (in Itazura na Kiss, her character is Sasuiko, a haughty paragon of perfection who becomes the heroine's rival in love).

I remember thinking they were all extremely young, even though three of them were older than Velexa.

I liked their songs, but at the time I was unfamiliar with Korean meanings (I could read Korean though), so I’d get really confused when people would say “I like the song Thunder.” Ever since then, my recurring problem has been that I’ll know and love a song, but very rarely know the title.

While approaching them with sincere attitude, Girls’ Generation is going to present another side of them.

The boys are living in a dormitory and have rules to follow to become well-behaved.

Their first song, After Love, topped the charts for eight consecutive weeks.

Island, which stands for Five Treasure Island, debuted on May 27, 2007.

She was also featured in one track on then-boyfriend Jun Jin's EP Fascination in 2009.

And after she sang two tracks on Honey Family's fifth album Resurrection in 2010, band member Park Myung-ho praised Lee for her vocal talent. Despite taking up the sport in her late 20s and fighting opponents who are much more experienced and younger, in just three years, Lee has established herself in the sport by winning a number of amateur titles in the 48-kg class.

The film received strong word of mouth for its comic timing and witty gags, the charismatic performances of its leads and its tackling of gender equality issues.

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