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Finally, I will likely meet a lot of my romantic partners through my career or reputation (Venus in the 10th) More details can be added if you look closely at the major aspects that any of the planets connected to any of the ‘love’ houses.

This will generally add context and more descriptive details about the people you’ll be attracted to, where you’ll meet and how you approach the relationship.

The oppositions from Saturn makes sense, as it transits Libra, it will oppose my Sun/Venus/Mars conjunction in Aries so I’d expect that Saturn would be involved in this year’s SR chart but coming from the 1st house I’m not looking forward to being unable to express myself or be faced with situations where I’m limited by Saturn’s tone.

Big changes should occur with Jupiter/Uranus both making connections to Sun/Moon and personal planets Mercury/Mars but also I think the main focus could be the Me vs.

Us with conflicts around personal freedom needs within close partnerships.

That’s not my Pisces mercury talking either, many astrologers believe that about 3 months before your new birthday you’ll notice that the key themes will turnover and begin to look more like the upcoming chart. This year’s Solar Return is on April 7, I have the Sun in the 3rd house and I’m already noticing that communication, travel, my siblings are going to be a much bigger focus than they have previously.

The Sun’s sign will always be your natal sign but the house position is going to change in cycles – the best book I have discovered for ready Solar Return charts is Mary Fortier Shea’s Planets in Solar Returns (

The Moon square Neptune in the context of emotions, particularly, indicates there will probably be some lack of boundaries or a need for them.

I have Neptune in 7th natally so again, this aspect brings up birth chart challenges that are likely to have to be faced.Pluto is ruling the 2nd house so finances (Venus rules money/resources/finances with 2nd house) should be positive.Or, if trouble does strike, I’ll be able to buy my way out or have enough resources to cope.It’s easiest of me if I use my own chart to explain so here goes…Romance & Romantic Partners So I like my romances (and romantic partners) to be attractive, intelligent, socially graceful with charm by the bucket load (Libra) but it cannot be only superficial, it must have passionate intensity and emotional connection (Pluto).It’s normally on your actual birthday but it can happen the day before or after depending on the Sun’s progress.

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