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Thereby, the purpose of this thesis is to examine the extent of Kazakhstan's democratic consolidation within the general framework of civil society as one of the leading concepts being promoted by the academic community as a principal factor in the consolidation of the liberal democratic government.

The main hypothesis in this study is that the civil society does not foster democratic consolidation and it is substantiated by two main reasons.

If outside groups are setting up organizations, it is probably that people will likely join an already established group, but it can hinder indigenous people to understand the true role of associations.

In this way, the civil associations do not come about because of grass-roots' common desire to unite together, but rather are created on the priorities of the Western donor-organizations.

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Civil society plays a key role in building pressure for democratic transition and pushing it through to completion.

Thereby, while people of the country will not strive for equality and are not willing to fight for it, democracy will not take hold.

The second reason is related with the Western-based civil society organizations that prevent democratic consolidation.

In other words, foreign assistance in establishing civil society organizations in Kazakhstan can hinder democratization, as these organizations have not been determined by their own priorities.

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