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The beginnings were humble, with the retired foreman hand weaver Michael Cannon returning to work on development with Kevin.Soon they were gaining interest with new products and Michael was training several young weavers.

Dating in donegal

The Inver records (Baptisms and Marriages) begin in 1805, Killybegs Baptisms in 1809 and Marriages in 1838, Killaghtee Marriages begin in 1857 and baptisms in 1873, and Mountcharles Marriages in 1861 and Baptisms in 1877.

Studio Donegal Woollen Mill is based in Kilcar, Co Donegal, where a tradition of hand weaving and woollen textiles has been in existence, dating back to the late 1700’s and earlier, prior to the Industrial Revolution.

The first major Diaspora initiative is The Donegal Gathering 2012, for more information see This is a similar record, laid out by barony and townland, listing persons with title to land, the numbers of Irish and English, and principal Irish names (a valuable list). A list of Protestant householders in the parish of Leck in 1766 is reprinted in Lecky's The Laggan and its Presbyterianism (1905).

The following major sources are found in the Central Library: Because of the destruction of the Four Courts building during the Civil War, the earliest surviving complete records are for the censuses taken in 19. It takes its name from Seamus Pender, who edited it, but was compiled in 1659 by William Petty. This also lists Hearth Money Rolls for East Donegal [1665], tenants on the Abercorn estate, and householders in St. This is a photocopy of a list of persons in the Parish of Culdaff, March 8th, 1782.

The maps relating to Griffith's Valuation are in the Valuation Office, Dublin.

Genealogical and family history information is also to be found in some monographs e.g.

It is a list of able-bodied men able to fight if needed for the Crown, listed by barony and 'undertaker'. Although the publication dates for County Donegal are stated to be 1857-58, there is strong evidence to suggest that the valuation was carried out up to a decade earlier.

It is known, for instance, that some persons listed as being present in 1857-58 had died in the Famine.

The returns are arranged by District Electoral Division and townland. We hold bound photocopies of the Tithe Applotment books for the parishes of Aghaninshin (1834), Aughnish (1830), Burt (183-); Desertegney (183-) and Donegal (183-). This - the first standard valuation of all real property in Ireland - lists householders and lessors by townland, parish, poor law union, and barony.

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