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Most are dressed in some sort of animal attire: There are bears, wolves and even dragons.

It’s hot outside, so not everyone is wearing a full-body fursuit; those are poorly ventilated, and many furries say they’re too expensive (they can cost more than ,000). The only requirement for being a furry, attendees tell me, is saying you are a furry.

“Nazis are looking for these same types of alienated white dudes,” he says.

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Today, most alt-furries interact only online, but some have taken their ideas into the real world.

This past summer, one man came to Anthrocon, the world’s largest furry convention, in a Confederate flag “fursuit,” holding a Trump sign, and some people distributed alt-furry pamphlets at an Orlando, Florida, furry convention.

Dad-of-three Mr Monks told the court: "I thought he was trying to kill me.

My wife tried to hit him with a stick but it broke."She then began to talk to him in a calming way.

These furries want a judgment-free environment, one that allows them to be themselves—hairballs and all.

“We’re trying to create the world we want to live in,” says a Canadian marbled fox named Xiao Mei.

Junius, a horse in his early 20s, is handing out stickers at a Hilton Double Tree in suburban Philadelphia. They’re all furries, people who identify with—and often dress up like—their favorite animals, a fantasy that may include various forms of sex but not bestiality.

It’s August, a week after the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that roiled the country, and he’s set up a booth that has attracted an assortment of animals—from fennec foxes to Munchkin cats—all waiting in line for his merch. These hirsute hobbyists are in town for Furrydelphia, the area’s first convention for furries.

This was the climactic act of the conspiracy."Elizabeth Monks told the court that her adopted son was a quiet boy who never lost his temper and did well at his temping job at an educational training centre, where she also works.

Her husband added: "We have no doubt that (Christopher) did not intend to go to this extreme.

“Made it to Philly, funny how a fifth of Jack Daniels makes the drive go faster.

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