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I’ve hired my fair share of people now (fired them too) and having been through the ringer of young-person-just-starting-out-in-a-new-field close to a half dozen times, I figure I know it well enough to talk about it. Don’t act, don’t give your opinion, don’t do anything until this has been done. Your excuses need to be just not-flimsy enough that they don’t seem completely full of shit.

It goes like this: You’re scared but overconfident, clueless but eager to learn, just glad to be given a shot and you don’t want to screw it up. When you understand the people, politics and the business (eg, the terrain) then you can begin to get to work. If it passes that test, then any question, any update, any offer to worth using to stay in the frame.

I tried to think of a few things I wish I’d been told when I was just starting, things that would have saved me some tough lessons. – -The point isn’t just to prove that you’re capable, but also that you’re sane. -Don’t be too good at being an assistant (or an intern).

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Join Now Following the loss of a partner, the first thing to remember is you don’t have to cope alone.For a while I had 3 full time jobs (ones you’d have killed for) at the same time.I wasn’t working all hours of the same, I just did them simultaneously.Don’t go expecting Seth Godin, Jeff Jarvis or [insert industry blogger here]. Your job is to successfully mitigate their vision of how the World Magically Should Be with how it Realistically Is.If you can do that, you’re more revolutionary than they will ever be.After all, that’s your job—to make other people look better. The smaller your nut each month, the less pressure you’ll feel to put up with stupid shit. Forget the bullshit ones (dress code, hours, hierarchy etc), follow the critical ones (getting results, never offend the wrong person) and do whatever you want. Books and articles, and ask questions—an endless amount of them. But also have the easily explainable, non-threatening goal that you tell people so you can maneuver in peace. Most importantly, remember that you are not special. It’s not ambition or skill that is going to set you apart—notice I didn’t mention those things a single time.

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