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Frigga was so distraught that her tears turned to white berries, coating the plant and symbolising her love for him.Frigga was overjoyed by the white berries so she blessed the plant and promised a kiss to all who passed beneath it from that day onward.

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Despite all the romantic connotations, mistletoe is actually a tree-killing parasite plant.

The plant can only thrive if its seeds are carried to a host tree by birds that have eaten the mistletoe berries.

Quite the contrary, as the mistletoe’s roots run deeper than the tree bark it’s firmly attached to, and its history dates all the way back to the first century A. So before you pucker up at a party this holiday season, you should know just how the oft-used doorway decoration became synonymous with Yuletide kissing.

According to historians, mistletoe was revered long before it made its annual appearance each December throughout homes across the country. They viewed mistletoe as a mythical and magical plant because it continued to remain green while other pecan, hickory, and oak trees (from which it grew) would lose their leaves during winter. Mistletoe also played an integral part in ancient Greek and Nordic folklore, where it was widely believed that the plant possessed healing powers to keep people safe from harm.

In Norse mythology, mistletoe’s white berries were the tears of the goddess Frigga which restored to life her murdered son Balder.

IT' S THE moment everyone dreads at the Christmas party, finding yourself accidentally under the mistletoe with a strangers and hearing the words, "Oh go on, kiss.One Norse tale explains its links to romance, love and kissing.Balder, son of the goddess Frigga, was killed by an evil spirit with an arrow made of mistletoe.This turned into a tradition in ancient times when visitors would kiss the hand of a host under the mistletoe when they arrived as a way of honouring the Norse legend.Since then, the tradition has evolved to the custom we all know and in England, kissing under the mistletoe was first referred to in late 18th century England.Because of its vibrant greenery, some historians even argue that early Christians believed the mistletoe symbolized fertility and conception.

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