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In most academic institutes the minimum response to copying of assignments is a 0 mark for the assignment in question.

The retrieved key is displayed in the display area as well as in the Setting value.

To modify (Through button marked as 7) an existing setting, specify the existing key and new modified value in the Setting Key, Setting Value respectively.

The boxed item is one pair of setting; say for an example, an application by providing the key Key_4 can access the setting value value_4.

In our article, we are going to see how do we add, delete and update these kinds of settings that come under .

Hey , its a great topic but you will face with a problem when you don't have write permission on that config file If you work in a corporate company and you don't have any permission to modify files under IIS , you should find an another way.

Up to now , i can change WCF service, ASPX page at run time , also i can run a code dynamically from uploaded dll .This is what i need to do i need info from 3 text boxes to be either added (if empty) or update (if there is already info in it). In the work you've done so far what error(s) are you getting?when the info is inserted to the text boxes they should press 1 update button that will update/add info to the 3 different keys. In your own trial and error, where is your code not behaving as expected? I test it and add additional code snippet to determine whether the app Settings within the app.config changes. Value); App Settings Section app Setting Section = (App Settings Section)config. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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