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May i suggest you go to a paranormal site or a site that deals with everything related to that.voodoo hmm? Sometimes for anger or revenge, sometimes to get a person to be yours implicitly.

i would hope to think someone that practices that would be from Haiti or New Orleans.there you may find your answer.in the light-blessings It does in fact exist. There are many reasons someone would go to a practioner of the black arts. I have seen that the white arts practioners have much more ability than the other.

It ends up happening to him and its quite an interesting movie and one I'll never forget.

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People recover out of this coma state normally after 3 days.

Slightly off topic In Australia we have the Aboriginal Kadaichi Man They are not common But are a type of witchdoctor, who do seem to have unusual powers Without ever seeing or meeting someone, they can curse them with the bones There have been cases where the intended victim has died How much of it is Psychological is yet to be shown..if voodoo is a type of religion, what makes people want to believe in stuff like this, i read a while back in the papers that a boy was found in the rives thames, london, with no arms or legs, and the police thought this was something to do with voodoo, why do that?

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^^^ one can assume the usual reasons, I suspect..are seeking power, some are looking for a type of spirituality, some were raised that way their whole lives and never tried or searched for anything else.

The lifelong practitioners of voodoo generally come from a culture where it is a major part of daily life.

They believe in a single powerful being, have the equivalent of guardian angels, so there 's a few similarities with European religions.

Apparently there's the real vodun religion, and there's voodoo, practiced mainly in Hollywood.

But it's very hard to dissociate history from hollywood stories. Apparently it was also once common in bayou country and also appears to have passing resemblence to Santeria, a South American belief system that appears to mix Catholicism with mysticism.

Some of the beliefs can also be traced back to Haiti.

In my travels I have seen proof of the powers of both sides. Likewise the white arts practioners have to undo the damage done by the other. If you happened to visit a pirates' graveyard in the aul' colonies, you might see cigarettes, rum and whiskey left as offerings on a tomb.

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