Updating smart mailbox unread counts

Then trying to open one message may take another 20 seconds. Never before has Apple broken Apple Mail this badly; It looks like I am going to have to abandon Apple Mail.The sheer wanton necessary to code, let alone ship this excrement to customers is mind boggling.New Apple Core Rot, and in a key area of functionality, at least for MPG.

The developer is one guy against the giants; I think he's doing a pretty good job.

If you use Apple’s Mail app on your Mac to read and manage your email, you know that it puts the number of unread emails in a little red circle on the top right of the Mail icon in the Dock.

I think it is related to badly done search algorithms, similar to the performance losses in save and open dialogs. Clicking on my Sent mailbox (and others) results in delays of up to 30 seconds in showing the mailbox, along with multiple rainbow beach balls. Searches and/or examining my Sent mailbox can take up to 30 seconds to respond.

The system has had ample time to do whatever it is it does after a system upgrade. This is not a one-off issue, but a constant problem.

Now your Dock badge will only show items that match all those rules above, and you’ll be a happier camper, right?

Some times Apple mail not showing inbox unread count on dock. This command moves all your “Envelope Index” files to desktop. This should reload emails and updating unread count. If you have any other issues about Mac mail app, do let us via comment.

The good news (should I have to switch), that Spam Sieve (which I consider essential) supports many mail clients.

The bad news is there might not be any rock solid email clients to switch to, see comments below.

The mail situation just keeps getting worse and worse and I don’t know what to do. I've been using Mail Mate on Snow Leopard for several years and am mostly happy with it.

As a default, it blocks external content links in messages, and the user has the option to load the content or not upon opening the message.

Makes me feel like I’m running Windoze or something, that is, having to crap like this that ought never need to be done by any end user.

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