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I wanted to break a mold for sure — I knew I was edgier, more alternative, and weird.

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Now, she’s making music that suits her own tastes, which she describes with a giggle as “spooky.” Influenced by Tom Waits, Ella Fitzgerald, Fiona Apple and Gwen Stefani, she conjures a world of the dramatic and theatrical.

This is especially visible in her video for "Don't Say You Do," a track about the brief time she spent dating goth rock icon Marilyn Manson.

'" (The Pale Emperor's shows notoriously receive bomb threats, resulting in frequent cancellations.) There was, however, an upside to their torrid romance. " Mc Gowan speculated on , which aired from 1998 to 2006. I had a power called orbing and I could say, ' Paris! Every time I'm on a plane, I actually sit and fantasize about my power." PHOTOS: '90s TV stars — then and now Mc Gowan also made headlines this week after being fired by her acting agent for speaking out against Adam Sandler and sexism in Hollywood.

Evan Rachel Wood was "craving danger and excitement" when she fell in love with Marilyn Manson.

It turns out I’ve always been drawn toward this theatricality and this drama that I have never truly been able to express in my music.

I decided I didn’t want to write to please anyone else anymore, I wanted to do it for myself. [I’m making] this theatrical, spooky Tim Burton pop.

I realized at a certain point that while I did love the music I was making, it was more geared to what I thought people would like versus what I truly loved and was passionate about.

I sat down and challenged myself, with the help of my publisher Benjamin Groff, to figure out what is really in my heart, what do I really wanna sound like and why am I afraid of it?

The relationship quickly became a source of tabloid fodder and many dubbed her a homewrecker, blaming her for breaking up his two-year marriage to Von Teese.

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