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The restaurant is strategically located minutes from downtown in the neighborhood of Cherry Creek North, Capitol Hill, and Cheesman Park.

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Optional: Challenge each other to a playful race to the top. Relish the chance to spend some relaxing quality time together with a couple's massage followed by some steamy sauna time. If you're already living in a small town, this will be easier than ever (they're usually hotspots for great antiques).

But if not, seek out a local spot for antiquing where you two can get lost for an hour or two, hunting for records and retro treasures, or perusing the shelves of dusty vintage books.

Lo Hi Steakbar, 3200 Tejon St., 303-927-6334,; Little Man Ice Cream, 2620 16th St., 303-455-3811,; Mc Loughlin’s Restaurant & Bar, 2100 16th St., Ste.

145, 303-573-5131, TIP: Want to steer the conversation so you can mention your love of travel or show off your oh-so-sensitive humanitarian side?

Noteworthy: you can totally use this as a second-date opportunity.

“Wanna try this new recipe at my place next weekend? BUY ITYou can really tell a lot about a person by the type of wine they’re into.

It yields perfect opportunities for loafing around and eating with your S.

O., and lest you thought we forgot about you outdoorsy types, we've also imagined some extreme adventures to take up in pairs (sledding is an extreme sport, right? Below, our favorite ways to while away the puffy-jacket season with a special friend.

A casual, no-pressure excursion that encourages conversation and interaction but isn’t too intimate.

We’ll leave the hard part (finding that special someone) up to you.

Sign up for a tasting and brush up on your merlots and cabernets.

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