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I’ve also had several requests from concerned parents asking for a review.

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This article describes the more prominent typologies of pedophilic sex offenders and discusses the role of child pornography in child sexual abuse of actual children.

It next examines the often overlooked population of women offenders who sexually abuse children.

"Essential oils and their use in personal care products is an example of how random and unscientific our approach to helping our skin has become.

People (and companies) can 'essentially' just make it up as they go along," Dr. This fact is definitely a little distressing, and one that may cause you to rethink your approach to essential oils.

"That means that nearly 1 in 2 of the population have issues with the health of their skin that predisposes them to reacting to a topical skincare ingredient.

Experimenting with various essential oils can lead to irritation and allergic reactions that can be severe." This is all relative though, right?

Swift also stresses a third key issue: that essential oils are thought to be put in products to mask the smell of other inferior ingredients that could have gone rancid before they even hit the shelves in-store.

"They are overused and often just used as a fragrance mask in products," she explains.

But there are several reasons why we should approach them with caution, particularly if using them on our face.

Children are the quintessential innocent victims; therefore, special opprobrium is reserved for offenders who sexually abuse them.

Finally, recommendations are made for developing a way of handling sex offenders, including sexual offenders against children, that balances the fair administration of justice with society's obligation to protect vulnerable potential victims.

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